This is a simple (responsive) static Website, based onHTML and CSS.
It is written on aStandard-Texteditor and tested with aStandard-Browser.
All Photos are shaped and converted with a Standard-Picture-Viewer.
They are in Low Resolution to reduce space and traffic on the Host.

Low requirements on scripts, web-space and traffic make this site compatible to most free- and low-budget hosting plans. Low traffic requirements let it load with decent speed even in slow networks (like free wifi hotspots etc.).
For updating anyStandard-FTP-APPcan be used.


If you think my website looks too "basic" or "retro"

just take a look at theretro html website

ofRichard Stallman

( Founder of theFree Software Foundation and theGNU Project)

# Support Stallman

Basic Construction (HTML made easy)

References: Tinkernut (YT), htmlhelp.com (WS)

Note: Video and Site above are based on HTML4 (easy and still working ;)

This is a Course in modern HTML5: w3schools.com/html


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