Crypto Coins For More Independence

In the actual situation of inflation and global crisis the most progressive way of collecting coins might be collecting Crypto-Currencies. The decentralized System of Crypto-Currencies is more independent than the classical Banking-System. And thanks to innovative Software it has become more accesseble. Creating a free Software-Wallet today is easier than opening a PayPal-Account. Therefore I'm starting with finding and testing all kinds of free and easy Crypto-Earning-Websites.

Free Crypto Faucets

Crypto Faucets are still the easiest way to get some crypto for free. The basic idea of a faucet is already shown in it's name. Like a water faucet drops out water, a crypto faucet drops out a specific amount of crypto in a certain period of time. The amounts and the periods of time between two drops are different from faucet to faucet.
On Coinpayu for instance every hour you can start up to 4 different faucets loaded with different currencies just by clicking on their buttons. Every faucet drops out a small amount of money into your internal wallet. On Final Autoclaim you can start two faucets every 30 minutes.

Both faucets on this list are multifaucets. That means, you can easily earn some money in different crypto-currencies. Multifaucets are perfect for experimenting and learning the basics about cryptocurrencies. You can collect different coins for free. You can change them to other coins or use them in different ways. So with experimenting you can find out their specific characteristics. You can also test the basic features of a wallet or a DEX (Decentralized Exchange), etc. with these free coins.
Both Faucets can be used with standard wallets. So you don't need a specific micro-wallet like faucetpay etc.



DutchyCorp : Highest Paying AutoFaucet



Textlink: Faucet Crypto

Currently testing this Multifaucet.... (ca. 8 Tron Balance till now)

To be continued....