About this Project

This Project is....

An Extended Version of a Travel Blog.

It's aboutTravelling on a Budget

And Mobile Living on a Budget

I want to show the Real & Cheap Side of Travelling and Travel Destinations.

My Photos combineStreet Photograpy andTravel Photography.

It's less glamouros and more realistic than other Travel Blogs.

It's also about Universal Artsand Creating a Free Culture:

Free Knowledge, Free Stuff, Easy Coins, etc.

Because that's what Poor People (like me)

Need to Survive the Actual Crisis.

About Me

I'm a 54 Year old German Expat.

For IT Jobs in Germany I'm already to old.

Actually I belong to the so called "New Poor".

I can't afford the Prices esp. in Housing and Energy.

So I took my Savings andtravelled to the Balkans.

Actually I live in one of the SouthernBalkan States.

Some say it's the poorest State of the Union.

Life is more affordable here than in Central Europe.

I do Street- & Travel Photography for some years now.

Now I'm beginning to combine this with

Travel Blogging, Info, Tips & Links.

Recently I started to publish my photos

On this Website andon my Twitter-Account.

About twenty years ago, in the early 2000's

I learned about Static Web Design with HTML & CSS

On an IT-Schooling (FAI AWE) by theArbeitsamt Aachen.

So I have some experience with Classic Web Development.

I also learned aboutFree and Open Source Software.

Therefore I can do all I normally do on my Computer

Withusing Free Software, which saves a lot of money.

Actually I use Free Articles and Videos

To learnsome Basics about Crypto Currencies.

One of the things I want to do this year

Is testing Free P2E (Play to Earn) Crypto Games

(Gambelix = Gaming Obelix).

If anyone knows about some

Free & Easy P2E Crypto Games

Please send me an Email ....

On this Site I publishmy Photos

And what I find out

On my Journeys

And with my Recherches

In Articles, Books, Videos and the Web.

And ....

I have No Other Income at the Moment.

So ....

If you like my Content,

Please send me some Coins :

Bitcoin :    1E4swBSNAnABkV6jHPHW9MGeiaRacqFP1a

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I'm Thankful For Every Cent (!)

Thank You All !