Basic Concepts

The Concept of a Universal System of Sciences and Arts

Was Basic forRenaissance Culture.

You can find it everywhere inArt, Science andPhilosophy,

Especially in connection with the Concept of Renaissance Humanism.

Renaissance Humanism again was the root ofModern Humanism

Which brought us the European Enlightenment

Including the Concepts of Civil Rights

A Universal Renaissance

(Of Old Knowledge)

TheRenaissance Movementwas mainly a western european phenomenon. Classic Ancient Knowledgewhich got lost with theCollapse of the Western Roman Empire returned round about 1000 years later. In other parts of the world this old knowledge never completely disappeared.

By the way : One of theese regions are the Balkan States, where theEastern Roman Empire ( better known asByzantine Empire) survived theMigration Period, prospered until theLate Middle Ages and rescued lots ofAncient Knowledge.

In modern times we experience a new cultural crisis, which again affects mostly western countries. During the 20th and early 21th century lots of old knowledge got lost during the ongoing process of "modernisation" of our societies. This time classical knowledge is not physically gone, it's only out of our view and out of our minds.

But to solve real existing practical problems in an upgrowing global crisis we can't rely on the standard knowledge of today's educational systems and mainstream media, because they're all getting paid for presenting us the virtual reality of a world in which every problem can be solved with buying some overpriced disfunctional garbage.

So we will have to solve our problems on our own again, like our ancestors did. For this we need realistic practical knowledge which is often hard to find in expensive modern books with lots of cool computer generated illustrations but only few reliable facts.

Therefore I recommend reading old books with provable facts and practical wisdom. Many of those books are already in public domain and available for free.