History of Science & Technology

Hightech in der Antike

( Hightech in Antiquity, German TV-Documentary )

Hightech in der Antike - Erfindungen zwischen Tiber und Tigris

( Hightech in the Ancient World - Inventions between Tiber and Tigris )

EN: German TV-Documentary (ZDF info) about advanced technologies

in ancient civilizations (Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia).

DE: Deutsche TV-Doku (ZDF info) über fortschrittliche Technologie

in antiken Zivilisationen (Griechenland, Rom, Ägypten, Mesopotamien).

Deutsches Museum - Alles ist Wissenschaft

( Deutsches Museum - Everything is Science )

EN: Theyoutube-channel of theDeutsche Museum inMunich

DE: DerYoutube-Kanal desDeutschen Museums inMünchen

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The Library of Alexandria

A short history of thebig ancient library ofAlexandria

and why it's important to save public knowledge.

Video made by theTED ED - Channelon youtube.

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You can create your own Digital Library of Classic Books.

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